Rotten Egg Smell

Sulfur Guard Backwashing Filters provide a turnkey remedy for handling foul-smelling, "rotten-egg" water. Unlike typical systems that require multiple stages of expensive, cumbersome, high-maintenance equipment, the Sulfur Guard rids your water of bad odor and taste simply and efficiently, there’s not much to do with a Kinetico Sulfur Guard filter but enjoy your water.

The Kinetico Sulfur Guard System filters feature dual tanks to accommodate the higher flow rates needed in multi-person and larger homes and takes care of hydrogen sulfide problems in a single, easily maintained unit.  View Sulfur Guard Brochure.

Kinetico 4040 Water Softener    Introductory Free Trial

We will install any of our whole house water systems or one of our state-of-the-art drinking water systems, or both, in your home absolutely free! At the end of the trial you can buy or rent the system or we will remove it with no cost or obligation.




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