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The family unit is awesome.  The water is drastically improved over the old electric system.  Stuff is cleaner, showering is smoother, shaving is frictionless.  Super happy.     Scott B.

I love my Kinetico system.  Dave came to my house and tested my water.  I got the full package.  I have an S250 and CRS for soft, chlorine and chloramine free water and a K5 for the best drinking water and ice a person could want.  I am so spoiled with my Kinetico water I'll never be able to go back to Omaha water again.      Heather H.

My initial interest was in reverse osmosis drinking water due to the poor quality of Omaha’s water.  I have not had soft water since I was a child, but after learning more about the Kinetico water softener, I decided to have a full system installed. 
I love the feel of the soft water on my skin and how clean my dishes are now...all with a lot less soap.  I have also become a drinking water snob and can no longer stand the taste of Omaha’s tap water. 
Everyone at Kinetico was great to work with.  My system was installed just two days after I made the decision to proceed.  I highly recommend Kinetico for their service and product.  I am happy I went with the full system and plan to have one forever!     Lori M.

I love this system it has turned me into a water snob. It makes everything easier cleaning sinks, toilets our cars, and much more. it's a system everyone needs to look into. The biggest advantage when we emptied our pool and filled it with Kinetico water, we are so pleased with how crystal clear our pool is. Thank you, Kinetico of Omaha for your professional and caring service you've provided my entire family and friends.     Joni M.

This is the BEST purchase we've made for our new home. If you don't like to clean your bathroom and shower this cuts your efforts! You still have to clean LOL but soft water does not build up and it is so nice on your skin and clothes. It was so awesome working with David and his crew. I've never had soft water before our new home and I thank Kinetico of Omaha for making our life soooo mush easier! HIGHLY recommend this for your home. No more buying bottled water too!     Cindy F.

Great water softener and RO system - using less detergents/soaps/shampoo.  Thanks to my dad for referring me.     Sue M.

Can't believe the difference in the quality of the water!  We have bad well water & have bought water for drinking for 6yrs!  Have never tasted such great water before and our dogs are even drinking more water!!!  Should have done this a long time ago! I work at Home Depot & tell customers how great this system is all the time!!!!!     Keith K.

Would not think of living without my soft water unit from Kinetico of Omaha. They installed the unit 1 hour after I called them. Very nice people to deal with.     Sharon W.

I love our Kinetico water softener.  To determine what type of softener you need someone comes to your house and gets their Mr. Wizard/Bill Nye the Science Guy on.  He does a variety of experiments to demonstrate the evils of hard water. To show how much soap is left in your 'clean' laundry he rinses a clean towel with water softened with his handy dandy hand held softener, then he compares the bubbles made with softened vs unsoftened water.  I really like that the softener we chose has a filter in it so its like all of our water is Brita filtered without actually having to buy the filters.  We opted to rent our softener because our next house may not have the same filtering needs.     Jessie S.

We had the Kinetico Water Softener/Carbon Filter System installed and we are completely satisfied with the results.  The water quality is amazing.    Richard G.

My husband and I are very pleased with our new Kinetico system.  We have very hard well water that was ruining the pipes and appliances, but our water is now great.  We were hesitant to pay the additional money for the RO water station, but that is the best part of it! When the water coming out of the water station is as pure as spring water, it's a wonderful thing.  We drink a lot of water and it's great to know that we are putting something good into our bodies.     Kathy H.

Kinetico 4040 Water Softener    Introductory Free Trial

We will install any of our whole house water systems or one of our state-of-the-art drinking water systems, or both, in your home absolutely free! At the end of the trial you can buy or rent the system or we will remove it with no cost or obligation.




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