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Mike Holmes and Kinetico


Kinetico has partnered with Mike Holmes to help you understand how to make your home's water right. Water is used in nearly all aspects of the home and many of our daily tasks. There's water that we cook with and drink, and there's water that we use to clean, bathe and perform other household tasks. Your home's water quality has an impact on all of these activities. Poor water quality can make your foods and drinks taste bad. It can cause water pipes, water heaters and other appliances to deteriorate faster.

Mike doesn't choose just any product to stand behind. He chooses products that improve a home's value and only products of the highest quality. That's why Mike has Kinetico products in his home and recommends them to others.

"I want people to be aware of what’s in their homes, and how to improve and protect these things - like their water. I am excited to partner up with Kinetico to help homeowners understand the importance of having their water analyzed and diagnosed by a water professional and then lead them to Kinetico’s reliable and customized solutions to treat their water."

Mike Holmes, Professional Contractor and TV Personality


Learn more about water treatment and why Mike chose Kinetico.

Ask Mike Holmes

Mike answers questions and addresses water issues from real life homeowners in these 2 part videos.


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